studio poirier bailay

product design + textile + drawing


In collaboration with Axelle Gisserot (textile designer), Anaïs Gonnachon (upholsterer compagnon), Julien Daems (saddler compagnon), Chloé Leahy-Beauvois & Rose Batifol (marketing)

This project is the outcome of a research on linen with a sustainable approach. Archipels is a range of linen paving slabs for your house. The slabs proffer a panel of sensations, from the very stiff to the softest one, allowing you to cover all the grounds of your house according to your needs. The aim of this project is to reinvent the floor covering, offering new sensitive experiences but, above all, giving an ecofriendly impact thanks to the thermal and hearing regulation qualities of the slabs. Furthermore, the slabs are designed to last. If one of the slab is damaged or over-used, it can be disassembled and each component can be recycled.

This project won the first prize of the Défi Innover Ensemble 2016.

Photo credit : Mario Simon Lafleur